How to obtain employee backtracking authorization?

2022-04-25 0 By

With the popularity of online recruitment, background investigation has been paid more and more attention by various enterprises, and almost become a necessary link of every enterprise recruitment.Background check is the most important to obtain the authorization of the candidate, so how to obtain the authorization of the employee backtracking?In the process of background investigation, the first is to obtain the authorization of the candidate. In the communication process, the content of the investigation and the purpose of the results should be explained to the candidate, so as to ensure the confidentiality of information and solicit the understanding of the candidate.Why back tune?1. Verify the authenticity of many resumes or interviews have been registered or communicated information is not true, which will lead to enterprises in the employment, post selection, salary and other aspects of deviation, resulting in unnecessary cost losses, is not conducive to the construction of healthy talent team.2. Rationality of evaluation Enterprises will obtain information on pressure resistance, team, quality, personality, real ability, performance characteristics and other aspects through actual communication with relevant personnel or departments in the process of backtracking.Provide strong evidence for subsequent employment and fixed post and salary.3. Avoid risks Employing people is risky.The source of this risk is not only the truthfulness of resumes, but also professional ethics.Must have past labor disputes, past violations, past occupational misdeeds, etc.With information on these factors, assess the risk factor of the candidate in the job.