He took the highway emergency lane as a service area and slept fast

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour News reporter Yu Wenwen Correspondent MAO Junyi Huang Guoping Zhou Ping How can the emergency lane of the expressway be used as a service area?Recently, Zhejiang Transportation Group Hangzhou Xinjing highway Quzhou section encountered such a driver, the car parked in the emergency lane, he lay down on the seat to sleep, fortunately, tunnel inspectors found in time, to avoid possible accidents.On The same day, it was the peak of the return trip after the Spring Festival holiday, and the traffic flow on the expressway was increasing. During the routine road inspection of the highway tunnel of Quzhou Management Center of Zhejiang Communications Group, a car was found parked in the emergency lane, with double flashing, but no warning signs were placed behind.The inspector immediately stopped the car to set up a safety warning area and went to understand the situation.The driver and passengers in the car were sleeping, the inspector knocked on the window for a long time to wake up the two people, the drowsy driver looked confused, asked the inspector: “I parked here (emergency lane) to interfere with who, sleep is also illegal?”The inspector patiently explained: “You are parking in the emergency lane under non-emergency circumstances, illegal parking, is very dangerous.”Facing the well-intentioned reminder from the patrol officer, the driver still didn’t understand: “Isn’t driving when tired more dangerous?Am I not doing it for safety?”The patrol immediately informed the driver that illegal parking on the highway is equivalent to life hanging on the line, illegal parking in the emergency lane of the highway is easy to cause an accident, and once an accident occurs, the consequences are very serious, according to the relevant provisions, high-speed illegal parking can be punished by 6 points and a fine of 200 yuan.After a patient explanation, the driver realized that his behavior was extremely dangerous, and took the initiative to admit his mistake to the inspector, and said that in the future must obey the rules of driving, not at random parking in the emergency lane.Zhejiang Transportation Group Highway Quzhou management center reminds: the highway emergency lane is the channel of life at the critical time, must not take the emergency lane as a parking rest area, parking or rest in the emergency lane at will.If you feel tired while driving at high speed, you should choose to go to the nearest service area or get off the highway to the safe area as soon as possible.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com