Baoding Notes: Spring Festival on Yuhua Road

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Yuhua Road east of Liang used to be the main street of Baoding. The east-west category of the main street was roughly from the teachers’ home to the railway station, or from the railway station to the teachers’ home.In the past, there was only one city center, Yuhua Road has always been baoding’s main street;It still is, and although many commercial centers have formed elsewhere, Yuhua Road remains one of Baoding’s main streets, with too many local memories.Although there is no grand occasion of the whole city crowding onto the Yuhua Road during holidays now, the yuhua Road is still very popular in any holiday.Besides, it’s the Spring Festival holiday.Parking Spaces can still be found on Yuhua Road during the Spring Festival holiday, and they are free.This was somewhat unexpected.Turn on Yuhua Road, be sure to put the car down and walk to turn, otherwise you will miss it.Miss a scenic spot, miss a variety of famous food.The original teachers’ home is now the workers’ Cultural Palace opposite the Hui people’s braising chicken, but it is not easy to park, so put the car on the road at the gate of the Da Ci Ge community, and then go east and west along the street.Walk west past the Beifang Mall, past the great Ci Pavilion that emerged after the demolition of the Baoding cinema, past the Bell Tower, past the Bell Tower building.The Clock Tower was still on holiday, and the loaves of bread on sale in the basement were out of reach.It was not located on the first floor of the best shopping mall. It was underground, and it did not affect the flow of people who lined up every day.This position, across the road is xinhua bookstore.Xinhua Bookstore used to be the place I couldn’t go to without checking in every time I was in town to see if a new comic book had arrived.Look not necessarily buy, buy is a small probability of things, do not buy just look is most of the normal.Look is not now so open state casually picked up to see, but through the glass placed inside the cover of the comic strip.That era passed forever, now that position is no longer xinhua bookstore.Now, standing on one side of the street and looking across the street, I can still see for a moment that boy who is shy and idealistic, who thinks that his future world must include the rich world depicted in all the comic books.Bell tower shopping mall in front of the road, the road at the foot of the bell tower, is next to a car sales car, the car has malatang also have sugar gourd, donkey rolling also have the year of the tiger puppet;A person carrying a large ball of balloons is a great force to sell, but it is also very light when avoiding traffic.Street-side shops, where there are occasional queues, have their own young clientele, whether it’s brightly coloured drinks or whatever snacks are served on sticks.They queue here and there as if they were always the same people in age and dress, and it takes a closer look to tell the difference.Further west, across the road, is the church, whose doors are locked on holidays.Further forward is baoding shopping mall, was always a sea of people but now to calm, eternal calm baoding shopping mall.When the home to buy a lot of big always want to baoding shopping mall, do not buy big also always want to see in the flow of people into the shopping mall full of beautiful things in new goods.Once I was depositing a bicycle at the gate with an older boy who later became a pilot. He gave me an ancient coin the size of a two-cent coin, trying to pass it off as the real one and save two cents.As a result, the old woman who saved the car had a piercing eye and said nothing, which made me very embarrassed…That old coin should be worth something if it’s still here.After the Dongyuan gate is the square in front of the governor-general’s office, the governor-general’s office is opposite the big flag pole, after the Xyuan gate is a variety of toys and souvenirs on the ground, is the road along the various snacks repeated repeated row upon row of cars.To eat the most famous of these repetitions, one has to go forward.Go to baoding department store east side of the Hutong mouth will see inside the queue, it is lu family sugar gourd.In my impression, Lu jia tanghulu and Lahai chestnut used to be a door face, and now they are separated, indicating that they are bigger.When they finally lined up inside the house, two people called for customers to buy sugar-sweetened gourd at the same time: the one at the front was selling, while asking the one at the back, always two or even three people were doing business at the same time.Unless one of the customers is a big family, buy more than a hundred yuan, it can not take care of so many people.See the glass counter put the number of sugar gourd quickly reduced, behind the walkoff basket was constantly put into the sugar gourd will soon return to empty.Pure hawthorn sweet gourd, purple sweet potato sweet gourd, red bean sweet gourd, mung bean sweet gourd, hemp yam sweet gourd, yam bean sweet gourd, strawberry sweet gourd, each kind of like running water to bring in handfuls, sold handfuls.The people who sell sugar-coated hulu are busy and serious, serious and excited, because all the busyness is for the prosperity of their business.Looking around the small shop, there are flags and pictures on the wall.The characters are famous crosstalk performers whose faces are familiar to most people.I do not know whether in the past tradition of fighting power, busking, crosstalk and selling sugar gourd are standing together, so there is such a kinship type of carrying.It is the same when you go back to Yuhwa Road, or to the east (you pass by the old house of the former Intermediate court, which is now demolished to a flat area, and you pass by the Shop of Goeseo pickles, but you cannot find it), or when you come to the Tanghulu King in front of The gate of Yeonji.There was also a line, supported by crosstalk performers in the shop at the end of the line.Because of the Chinese New Year holiday, the lotus pond seems to close early, and the door of the horse’s old chicken shop is also closed.Otherwise this one will be a few lines together the scene: buy sugar gourd, buy chicken, buy lotus pond tickets.A flurry of buying is a sign that the market is thriving and people are enjoying an abundance of life.When I was a child, I didn’t think much of such a business. Later, I gradually realized that every worthwhile business is a very good quality of life itself, which is one of the conditions for a place to be attractive and suitable for living.Walking on Yuhua Road, I looked up under the old Chinese locust trees with black trunks and branches. I could see the tops of the trees without a single leaf, which formed a dotted line in the sky that could still be described as dense.The red lanterns below the dotted line are a means of creating a festive atmosphere in the sense of color contrast, and also a special symbol of the Spring Festival without firecrackers.These lanterns, as a symbol of the Festival, overlook the Yuhua Road, which is still very attractive to people living on this side of the land.It is streets like this, together with other features, that make Baoding baoding and make baoding different from any other place.This unique difference can only be found so clearly when we look back after leaving.Looking back makes one both present and detached to a considerable degree.