The books most suitable for middle school students

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Winter vacation is a great opportunity to recharge your batteries. Is your reading list ready?Cheng Duanli once said: work hard in reading, escape in composition.Reading at the same time can also improve their composition accumulation, is not killing two birds with one stone ~67 to you sort out a number of university president once in the newspaper, speech, the opening of the school and other occasions recommended books, study can read.1. The author of “The Story of Art” retells the development history of Western art in simple language, leading readers to taste art in history, look back at history in art, and wander in the sea of great works of art. It is always refreshing to read.2. Walden Is a calming book.Henry David Thoreau shows the readers the natural beauty of Walden Pond, but also a state of life that is extremely simple in material and rich in spirit.The Ordinary World, written by writer Lu Yao with all his life’s efforts, presents a grand picture of ordinary and magnificent life that ordinary people have gone through in the process of great changes of The Times.In the fierce tide of the existence and change of world civilization, how does China handle itself and how does China view its own history and culture?Where did China come from, where did Chinese culture come from, and where is it going?5. A Brief History of Humankind breaks out of the circle of anthropocentrism and takes a broader view of mankind’s rise from a common species, Homo sapiens, through the cognitive, agricultural and scientific revolutions, to its unparalleled dominance today.6. Quantum Theory — The Great Debate between Einstein and Bohr about the Nature of the World gives the reader a full understanding and mastery of key concepts of quantum and quantum physics, as well as insight into scientific developments in their wider context. The result is challenging and fascinating reading.Mr. Qian Mu said Lao Zi should be a must-read book for every Chinese.As early as 1,300 years ago, Laozi’s books were translated into foreign languages. During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, xuanzang, a monk, and Cheng Xuanying, a Taoist priest, translated Laozi into Sanskrit.In modern times, Most of the foreign classics selected for translation are The Bible, then Laozi.In the words of Western philosopher Nietzsche, “Tao Te Ching”, the summation of Laozi’s thoughts, is like an inexhaustible well spring, loaded with treasure, and ready to be acquired by laying down the bucket.8. On China is a classic book for understanding China, depicting China’s image in the world from the unique perspective of a veteran diplomat.9. Knocking at the Door of Fate, the author reflects and asks about education from the perspective of an educator.The book comprehensively explains what is missing and how to deal with it “in the face of fate”.How to Read a Book. This is a book for readers, or people who want to be readers.Although more than 70 years have passed since the first edition of this book, it is still well worth reading.Let’s learn and master the scientific method of reading and enjoy reading better!11. Learn to Ask Questions. A succinct, comprehensive and practical book that teaches critical thinking and questioning skills.Innovation comes from asking questions, and only by asking good questions can it be meaningful to analyze and solve them.12. The Era of Big Data inspires wisdom, broadens vision, innovates thinking and meets challenges.The Book is not only a wise old man’s life memories and feelings, but also a century of social and historical changes in miniature.This book can be called “old system and Revolution” with our Chinese theme.14. Silent Spring was a controversial book when it was first published in The United States. The author bravely challenged the western industrial society’s traditional disregard for the ecological environment, and her ideas lit up a beacon for the enlightenment of human environmental awareness.The book covers all aspects of Chinese culture, and reads like an encyclopedia.The author’s words are lively and lively, as if in a heart-to-heart talk with the readers, inadvertently revealing the extensive and profound Chinese tradition, but also elucidation the essence of Chinese culture in the reference of western learning and new knowledge.16. “from a to infinity” by telling the “one” introduction to scientific knowledge, make the reader to the two-way depth “infinity” direction, by harvesting from the human many scientific activities in the sea and the “one” millet, make readers learn science fills the world the beauty of the “infinity” and “infinite” the charm of remaking the world.17. A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy was compiled by Feng Youlan based on his English lectures at the University of Pennsylvania. Feng’s ability to learn both east and west made the book “self-contained in a small scene” and became a universal textbook for teaching Chinese philosophy in western universities.18. The Structure of the Universe leads us into the world of microscopic particles and the boundless universe, to explore the secret meaning of time and space, to reshape the meaning of life through science, and to place ordinary life in the laws of nature.Our existence shows the charm of time and space, and our thinking shows the beauty of life and soul.19. A Theory of Justice advocates the replacement of utilitarianism with a more abstract theory of the social contract.Its starting point is: the basic structure of society is the theme of justice;The principles of the social system had to be agreed upon before any other agreement could be reached.Such a contract, however, is not an actual historical act, but the result of a choice in an assumed primordiality.20. “The Book of Poetry” breaks out of the circle of anthropocentrism and illustrates from a broader perspective the human race’s evolution from an ordinary species of Homo sapiens to its unmatched dominance today through cognitive revolution, agricultural revolution and scientific revolution.21. The Complete Essays of Bacon is rich in content, beautiful in writing, thorough in reasoning, and repeated in epigram.Reading is like listening to a wise old man telling a story full of wisdom, enlightening wisdom, enlightening life.22. Plato’s Republic This is the author’s rewriting of Plato’s famous Republic in the context of contemporary international politics and philosophy.For today’s students, it is an excellent article to understand the relationship between beauty, justice and profound traditional concepts in the current context.23. “Common Sense of Ancient Chinese Culture” this is an accurate, comprehensive and popular knowledge of ancient Chinese culture that the public can always have around the best reading.24. The Universal History of the World is considered to be the first history of the world written by historians using a global perspective to encompass global civilizations.Unlike other history books, which tend to focus on one race, one place, another, the author focuses on the entire human race.The Hammer Manuscripts presents a series of 72 pages written by Da Vinci during his time in Milan.For 500 years, people have been paying tribute in different ways to a true thinker and a giant of science who studies how the world works.This book may allow more readers to be inspired by Da Vinci’s wisdom and continue the journey of man to discover and change the world.The Age of Deng Xiaoping is a systematic introduction to Deng Xiaoping’s growth and political career, focusing on his brilliant course of leading China’s great practice of reform and opening up. It is a masterpiece of understanding the past from a unique perspective.As a reading book for the study and appreciation of Tang poetry, The words in this book are meaningful and easy to understand.At the same time, this book is not only confined to talking about poetry, through this book, not only read tang poetry, but also know the history of tang, so as to obtain rich cultural nourishment.28. “political gain and loss in China” to refine, briefly review and comment the several important dynasties in Chinese history of institutional Settings and the pros and cons, reflects the authors “warmth and respect” of history, and his unique understanding, for readers to achieve mastery through a comprehensive understanding of the political system in ancient China and its concept, provides an outline of sexual references.In this book, Levy recalls what he saw and heard at Auschwitz, which boiled down to good and evil under extreme conditions.After writing the book, Levy committed suicide and died, leaving many questions unanswered.Reading this book, I hope you will pay attention to two questions: first, it is about the morality of intellectuals;The second is the human capacity for atrocity.People should be good, we must have a bottom line in our hearts, and the greatest obligation of intellectuals, should be to think about the meaning and bottom line of human beings, to guide the society to establish good, resist evil.30. Crossing the South and Returning To the North is a panoramic representation of the dramatic changes in the fate of the last group of Chinese masters.After reading this book, I hope young people can be infected by the personality charm and scientific spirit of the masters, and aspire to study and climb mountains.31. The Course of Beauty is like a historical picture that runs through the ontological aesthetic view of anthropology, enabling people to understand the essence of excellent traditional Chinese culture in the evolution of painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, calligraphy and other art categories.The book is of great significance for inheriting the true meaning of culture, realizing cultural identity, stimulating innovation and cultivating noble feelings.32. Engineering Philosophy is regarded as the foundation work of Engineering philosophy of Chinese School.The ternary theory of “science, technology and engineering” and engineering ontology raised the understanding of engineering to the height of philosophy, which is the development and innovation of philosophy and engineering.33. A Theory of Justice advocates a more abstract theory of social contract in place of utilitarianism.Its starting point is: the basic structure of society is the theme of justice;The principles of the social system had to be agreed upon before any other agreement could be reached.Such a contract, however, is not an actual historical act, but the result of a choice in an assumed primordiality.34. When The Stars Shine is a classic college book by Austrian author Stefan Zweig that became a popular classic in the 1980s.The book with general biographies of the difference is that the author did not vertical expansion of Magellan, napoleon, Goethe, Tolstoy, Cicero, Lenin, Wilson’s narrative historical figures such as life, but to capture some of their lives “critical moment”, decided to a man’s life and death, the survival of the nation and even the whole human destiny.Because the long and uneventful river of history is often changed by historic moments that are long in the making and most important.The characters in the book shine like stars, and the candle shines on human nature.The book is exquisite and vivid, full of rhythmic beauty and humanistic implication.Although the author’s interpretation of the 14 characters, each with its own theme, is inevitably one-sided, the details are revealing and hard to leave behind.For author Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with a mentor was an opportunity to take a fresh look at himself and re-learn some of life’s essential lessons.This life lesson shocked the author, but also through the author’s wonderful pen, moved the whole world.To open this book is to open a brand new business era.What other great books have you read in the comments section