Sports tip: How far is the penalty spot from the goal?

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The spot is also known as the “twelve-yard spot” because it is twelve yards from the goal, or about 11 meters in metric terms.A Penalty Kick is a set piece Kick awarded to a defending player for a foul committed in the Penalty area of his own team.It is called the ultimate penalty in football because of the highest scoring rate of all set pieces in football.In the absence of penalty rules, when a player commits a foul in the penalty area, only a free kick is awarded and can go into the wall.It was not until 1890 that it was put forward by A Northern Irish goalkeeper and businessman, William McGoling, who presented the idea to the Irish Football Association. The International Football Committee eventually recommended the rule, which was controversially approved on 2 June 1891.Penalty kick rules: When a penalty kick is awarded, the ball is placed on the spot and the defending goalkeeper must stand on the goal line (before 2005 goalkeepers were free to move inside the small penalty area) and must not leave the goal line until the attacking team has contact with the ball.The attacking team must identify the player who took the penalty kick, and the referee must kick the ball forward.When the shooter touches the ball, it is considered a shot and the shooter cannot touch the ball again until another player has touched it.Except for the shooter (attacking team) and goalkeeper (defending team), other players are not allowed to enter the penalty area or circle before the shooter touches the ball.If a player enters the penalty area or the arc, it will be handled according to the following methods: if the defending player enters the penalty area and the penalty kick is not scored, the attacking team will shoot the defending player into the penalty area again, and the penalty kick is scored: the goal is counted as valid.And according to the situation after the penalty kick, if the defending side loses the ball, the indirect free kick will be awarded to the defending side;If the ball goes directly out of the baseline, the goal is awarded.If the defending side has the ball, it can signal the attacking player to enter the penalty area and score a penalty kick: the attacking side takes the lead again and both players enter the penalty area