Kunming Wuhua District received more than 420,000 tourists during the 2022 Spring Festival holiday

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During the Spring Festival holiday of the Year of the Tiger in 2022, Wuhua District of Kunming city adhered to multiple measures, focusing on epidemic prevention and control and holiday economy at the same time, constantly enriching cultural tourism products, and all scenic spots, parks and streets were orderly and full of festive atmosphere, thus realizing a good start of cultural tourism in wuhua District in 2022.From January 31 to February 6, 2022, Wuhua District received a total of 426,200 tourists, generating a tourism income of 260 million yuan.The average daily tourist reception for the holiday was 60,900.During the Spring Festival, wuhua district’s tourism market is dominated by near outings and short trips to visit relatives. Red tourism, urban leisure and entertainment, and rural tourism are favored.Wuhua Cuihu · Zhuowutang as the flow entrance, a total of 138,600 people received;The tourist flow of Nanping Street reached 945,400 person-times, and 135,600 person-times of tourists were received. The tourist income reached 121 million yuan, effectively driving the economy of catering, accommodation and consumption and shopping to continue to improve.The 10 enterprises included in the wuhua tourism monitoring site had an average occupancy rate of 11.25%, received 2,616 people, and realized a revenue of 438,700 yuan.Rural tourism (farmhouse, resort, Xiyoudong, steep slope, Yunhua Valley) received 77,400 tourists, and realized tourism income of 25,094,100 yuan.Due to the epidemic prevention and control factors, during the Spring Festival in 2022, many people chose to go to rural areas to experience the customs and joy of the rural family during the Spring Festival. The rural leisure and vacation experience tour has also become the main force of this year’s Spring Festival tourism market.It is worth mentioning that during the Spring Festival, wuhua district night economy and cultural creativity upgrade, become a new consumption boom.From the third day to the fifth day of the first lunar month, from 15:00 to 21:30, people who like Hanfu culture will go to the “Guo-yun Nanqiang” ancient Style Market in Nanqiang Street. There will be hanfu parade and “New Year blessing and fortune” activities. The atmosphere is happy.The integration of historical culture and night economy highlights the charm of provincial historical and cultural blocks.During the Spring Festival holiday, wuhua District holiday headquarters members strictly implement the duty on duty system, do a good job in market inspection, product supply, publicity and guidance, order maintenance, service guarantee and other work, to ensure the smooth operation of holiday tourism.Wuhua District Culture and Tourism Bureau earnestly implements the duty system and information reporting system, implements full staff on duty, insists on 24-hour duty, and sets up working groups such as statistics, law enforcement, consulting services and tourism data center to ensure the efficient operation of the holiday tourism command system.At the same time, China will continue to provide publicity and guidance to the public, such as regular epidemic prevention and control, booking Tours and cd-rom campaigns, and foster civilized tourism, booking Tours and good dining habits.Wuhua district in kunming, according to the staff of the culture and tourism, wuhua attaches great importance to the epidemic prevention and control and the Spring Festival holiday vacation tourism safety work, because of the cold weather in kunming during the Spring Festival, the area of the rain snow weather, to ensure the safety of the tourists wuhua district culture and tourism organization scenic area in accordance with the requirements of emergency measures, the safety requirements each scenic spots such as special weather,The evacuation of tourists and the closure of scenic spots should be done well, the safety of tourists must be ensured, and the holiday tourism market in the whole region should run smoothly and orderly.Article travel headlines rong Media reporter Yang Lanlan Wen Li Wen female Zhang Yongqiang diagram of wang Yuan audited Hua Fang