How about Huawei’s petal search?

2022-04-24 0 By

Since Google pulled out of the domestic market, it has become the dominant search engine (you know).I thought our domestic enterprises should do better, but now I find that it is difficult to find the information we need on a certain search engine, and there are many advertisements, sometimes it is better to go to Douyin, B station search!In response to the American crackdown, Huawei launched Petal Search, an alternative on Search engines.I’m going to share with you my heavy use of petal search in the last six months.First, enter in the browser to enter the homepage of petalsearch. From this page, we can see that the whole is very simple, with only three sections: a search box in the middle, a setting icon in the upper right corner and a declaration at the bottom.Click the Settings icon, we can according to their preferences for basic configuration, such as display language, search area and so on.Petal search Settings menu and then we will try the most important function of search engines, is to provide us with useful information quickly, let’s search, see the results.Type “Petal Search” into the search box and hit Enter to see the search results page.Jump in the process, the speed is very fast, basically can jump within a second.In the search page, we can see that the interface is very clean, no advertising information, 10 search results are displayed on each page, and the functions include pictures, news, videos and academics, which have basically covered the range we commonly use.Petals search results page don’t know if you have found that, on this page, petals search website should not first in the search results, it shows that its search results in relevance as the guidance, it will bring us the most may need information to show, not like a search engine, give priority to show your company’s products links,As for why other sites are ahead of it, it may be because Petal search does not fully support Chinese yet and the top sites have more visits.This is also the biggest disadvantage of petal search in China. It will find the best result according to your keywords, but when we use some associative words, pinyin or similar words, it may be contrary to the result we want. For example, when you search “Aoyunhui”,It will only show the results of the word “Aoyunhui”, but what you might really want to know is about the “Olympics”.Another thing that needs to be improved is that the petal search results page lacks the “related search” section at the bottom of the page, which can effectively give us a keyword prompt when we can’t get the information we want when searching for a certain word.Anyway, new products always take time to polish, and from my experience so far, I feel that it already meets my basic daily needs, at least it gives me the most relevant information quickly and without any interruption of advertising.