0-2!China will play South Korea in the Asian Cup final if they beat Japan

2022-04-24 0 By

CCTV5 did not broadcast live due to the Women’s Asian Cup.As a result, many fans, especially older ones, are unable to follow or even unaware of the event’s existence.In fact, today, February 3, 2022 Beijing time, India has reached the semi-finals of the Asian Women’s Football Cup without saying a word.The first two teams to open the semifinals are South Korea, which beat Australia in the quarterfinals, and the Philippines, which fans say is the slowest team in the semifinals.In fact, the Philippine women’s football team is not only a mediocre team in the fans’ consciousness, but also the super dark horse in this Asian Cup.The Philippines has been drawn with Australia, Thailand and Indonesia in the group stage.In their opening match, they beat Thailand, a more powerful team ranked 26 places higher in the world, 1-0.They then beat Indonesia 6-0, the weakest team in the group, to advance to the quarter-finals.Then came a 1-1 draw in the quarter-finals against Chinese Taipei, ranked 25 places higher in the world.Then, 4-3 on penalties to advance to the semifinals.Although the strength of the Philippine women’s football team is not comparable to that of the Korean women’s football team, it is no longer the fish in the mouth of the fans.This is just like a few years ago, our national football team looked down on Thailand and Vietnam.In recent years, the Philippine men’s and women’s football teams have developed rapidly, and it is not excluded that they will become strong rivals of China in the coming years.Back to the Semi-final of the Women’s Asian Cup.As the Philippines women’s football team this super dark horse, strength and South Korea’s poor women’s football team is really too far.They were caught off guard by South Korea 1-0 in the first three minutes of the match, and then conceded a goal in the 33rd minute to go down 2-0.It could be said that the fate of the Philippine women’s soccer team was sealed at the end of the first half.However, they did not give up like the Chinese men’s soccer team.In the second half of the match, the Philippines did not concede another goal against the Korean women’s football team, which was N times stronger than us.It can be said that it shows the appearance and spirit of football well.In this match, the Korean women’s soccer team controlled the ball all the time, but the Philippine women’s soccer team still put together some chances.Formed 5 chances to hit the goal, including 1 shot.In the end, after 90 minutes, South Korea defeated the Philippines 2-0 to advance to the final.The winner of the Japanese women’s football team and the Chinese women’s football team will meet in the final tonight.This game, although the Korean women’s football team won, but I admire the Philippine women’s football team does not give up the spirit.Against the Korean women’s soccer team, which is ranked 46 places higher than them in the world rankings, it is a victory for them.Unlike The Chinese, who played listlessly against a less powerful Vietnam, 24 places below them in the world rankings.In the end, they not only lost 3-1, but also were crushed.